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Going to see a movie is a pastime with a long history. Finding out which movie to see, however, has hardly changed. We’re trying to fix that.

Movie trailers, critics’ reviews, and word of mouth are pretty much the only ways to find interesting movies. The problem is, unless a friend happens to mention an upcoming movie, it’s hard to know which movies people are actually the most interested in. Until now.

Filmgrain makes it easy to find out which movies people are excited about, fast.

The moment you open the Filmgrain app, you see which movies are the most popular in theaters and which upcoming movies are generating the most buzz. With Filmgrain, you’ll know which movie you should go see and what movies your friends are likely eager to see as well.

How does Filmgrain know what’s popular?

We determine the popularity of a movie based on how much it is tweeted about. We use Twitter because it enables us to know what people are thinking about right now. This means when a new trailer is released, for example, it will get tweeted about almost immediately. This will push the movie up in popularity on Filmgrain right as it gets more popular in the real world. This is very cool.

What else does Filmgrain do?

In addition to seeing what movies have peoples’ attention, you can:

  • Get local showtimes

  • Watch trailers & clips

  • Check Rotten Tomatoes scores

  • See the theater release date, MPAA rating, runtime, and more.

We’re excited to hear what you think.

Got a question or some feedback? We’d love to hear it. You can reach us at or:

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Filmgrain makes it easy to find the movies you need to see. Know which movies are trending and watch as people react live on opening weekend.

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